Drip Bag Coffee

morningFirst drip bag coffee is inspired by the convenient way of drinking cafe grade coffee. Sharing is caring. We love specialty-grade coffee; meanwhile, drip bag coffee is cheaper in cost and ready in lesser time. The best part is you can enjoy the best coffee anytime, anywhere, whether you are at home, office, or even picnic and hiking!

morningFirst coffee provides two of the best type of drip bags coffee in Singapore: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and Brazil Ipanema. You can be your own “Barista-at-home”, making your Ethiopia coffee or Brazil coffee. You will never regret buying morningFirst coffee to taste the earthy and high-quality grade drip bag coffee.

Similar to pour-over coffee, you only need to prepare a gooseneck kettle and follow these 3 steps:
1. Tear along perforation to open coffee filter, then pull hanger away from the filter and hang on the cup.
2. Start with approximately 140ml of hot water. Pour in a sufficient amount to cover the ground coffee. Wait 15 seconds and slowly add the remaining water to brim of the filter.
3. Remove the filter and enjoy!

A simple time to enjoy your happiness with morningFirst coffee!
Buy morningFirst drip bag coffee now in Singapore!

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