How to Use Coffee Filter Machine, A Guide for Beginners

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A classic coffee filter machine is often underrated, I mean—it’s not the most exciting way when it comes to making a filtered coffee indeed, but compared to the other methods, most coffee filter machines clearly offer you less drama and complexity in your morning routine. After all, it’s a machine designed to help brewing coffee at home much easier. Not to mention that it can easily be found in most households all around the world.

Now, first of all, we should really know what a coffee filter machine is. Like we’ve mentioned before, it’s a machine designed to get you a homemade filtered coffee with just a few simple steps. But how does it work? Well, in general, it boils the water you added to the reservoir and pours it through the coffee you put in the filter down to the carafe. Of course, the mechanism varies through different types of coffee machines like the Drip Coffee Maker, Precision Brewer, and the Capsule Coffee Maker. However, most coffee machines have similar principles of how it works.

coffee filter machine

Coffee filter machines clearly offer you less drama and complexity in your morning routine. After all, it’s a machine designed to help brewing coffee at home much easier.

General Components in Your Coffee Filter Machine

Before getting on the actual tips on brewing your homemade coffee, you first need to know about the components and their purpose. 

1. Water Reservoir

The reservoir is where it all begins, and usually the biggest part of a coffee filter machine. Though the sizes might vary on different types of machines, they are generally a simple bucket to hold the water you pour into the machine so it could be transferred to the next components.

2. Hot Water Tube

A hot water tube is an insulated tube that runs from the bottom of the machine up to the faucet at the top. It functions as a container for the hot water after being transferred by the water reservoir.

3. Showerhead

It’s the small showerhead that you usually see when you open the filter basket lid. It pours hot water from the tube through the faucet down to brew your coffee in the next part.

4. Filter Basket

Probably the most essential part of your machine, because the filter basket is where the magic happens. It’s where you put your paper filter, as where your ground coffee sits, waiting for the brewing process to happen.

5. Carafe

This one is the most recognisable component in your machine, it’s most likely to be the first that catches your eye. The carafe is the pot—usually made of glass—to contain your coffee after the brewing process is done and ready to be served.

6. Warming Plate

The warming plate is the one that keeps your coffee delicious. It functions as a heat conductor to keep the coffee in the carafe warm until you are ready to enjoy your cup of joe.

Step by Steps

1. Add Water

As you might’ve noticed from the start, the first thing you need to do is fill the water reservoir with water. Filtered water or bottled water would produce the best result. remember that distilled water wouldn’t do a great job since the water needs some minerals to extract your coffee flavours.

2. Prep the filter

If your drip coffee maker uses a cone-shaped filter, fold the crimped edges in opposite directions before placing it in the filter basket. If you’re using a wavy, flat-bottomed filter, place it inside the basket as is. Some coffee makers come with a reusable stainless steel filter; if that’s the case, no prep needed.

3. Add ground coffee

Put your coffee of choice on the filter you’ve prepped before. You could also adjust the amount with your preference, although we’d like to advise you to put around 35g of coffee for 500ml of water.

4. Turn it on

Don’t skip this step! Although it sounds like a silly mistake, it could happen sometimes. Always make sure your machine is plugged into the nearest power source then turn the switch on.

5. Let the machine do the brew

And now all you gotta do is wait. Let the machine do the brew while you do something else or maybe get your favourite mug ready for the morning coffee.

6. Wait until it’s really done

Well, it doesn’t matter how much you crave coffee, there’s no need to rush in brewing it. Wait until it’s really, really done if you want the best flavours of your coffee to be extracted properly.

7. Take a sip

Now that you’ve done everything and have waited patiently, take a sip and have a taste of your self-brewed coffee. See if you’ve done well enough, or even better than ever.

8. Don’t forget to throw away your paper filter

When you’re done with all the steps, always remember to take your paper filter to the bin. Don’t let it soak and get your machine dirty. Trust me, it could be a problem you don’t wanna deal with.

How to Solve the Troubles?

Now that you’ve learnt a lot, there’s one more question left, “What if something weird happened to my machine?”, well that’s why we got you some answers to get you prepared for anything, so you can solve it yourself.

1. “The coffee tastes weird”

Hot water can leave mineral deposits in your coffee machine, if this keeps piling up, it’ll affect the taste of your coffee. It’s best for you to clean your coffee filter machine regularly every month to keep the flavour at its best.

2. “The water doesn’t flow”

If the water doesn’t seem to flow properly in your coffee filter machine, it’s most likely that you have a blockage in one of the parts. Run the machine with vinegar instead of water (without coffee and filter) a few times, then run again with water to rinse the vinegar.

3. “The machine brews too much/too little coffee”

Most modern coffee machines feature options to control the amount of brewing to make it easier to get the right measure for your coffee. Make sure the settings are configured correctly and always check the ratio of the coffee and water every time you brew.

4. “My coffee isn’t getting warm”

The problem, in this case, could have something to do with the machine’s heating elements. If you can’t find a replacement part or you want to fix it yourself, make sure the machine is unplugged from the power sources before checking on it.

Choosing grind levels for your coffee depends on your personal preference, considering which suits best for your method is important. For the coffee filter machine, we’d recommend medium ground coffee.

Make it even better!

Before you think you’ve known everything about a coffee filter machine, you might need a few more tips so you can use it like a real pro. Because paying attention to tips and details could matter so much in improving your brewing skills.

1. Always clean your machine

As you already know, cleaning your machine is a basic yet crucial thing to do when you have a coffee filter machine. Leaving your machine dirty could lead you to a bunch of troubles like a weird taste on your coffee, blockage in your parts, and many more. Remember to clean your coffee regularly, always.

2. Use the properly stored, fresh beans

Just as if you’re brewing with any other methods, using properly stored coffee is vital in getting the best result on your coffee. We’re just about to talk more about it, subscribe now if you want to know more about how to store your coffee properly. 

3. Get the grinding right

Although choosing grind levels for your coffee depends on your personal preference, considering which suits best for your method is important. For the coffee filter machine, as we’ve mentioned before, we’d recommend medium ground coffee.

4. Pay attention to brew time

Brewing time could vary among coffee machines, but coffee filter machine in general usually takes 5-6 minutes. Just remember if the coffee tastes thin and sour, or weak, it’s probably because the machine brews too shortly. On the other hand, if your coffee tastes heavy and bitter, the brewing time might’ve been too long.

5. Make sure to measure

Always pay attention to details, especially when it comes to the measurements of your coffee. As we all know, the ratio is one of the most vital aspects of brewing any coffee.

6. Pre-rinse and pre-heat

Just like you do every morning, your machines need to get ready before serving you the coffee you crave. Give it some time to breathe and warm up with a routine pre-rinse and pre-heat before you start brewing.

Now that you know everything about the coffee filter machine, it’s safe to say that you can now brew at home like a boss. You can get your morning routine even better than you’ve ever expected, with, like I said, just a few simple steps. So what are you waiting for? Start brewing your own coffee at home then!

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