How to Save Money while Enjoying Good Quality Coffee

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Are you one of those people who can’t function without coffee or merely enjoying coffee so much as one of your lifestyles? If you are a student skimping your way out of life or just wanting to drink coffee with a lot less money to spend, we have laid down some useful tips you can practice to get your daily cup of joe whilst still keeping your finances intact.

1. Avoid Overpriced Coffee

Avoid overprice coffee by get alternative affordable but good quality coffee

“Try to avoid mainstream overpriced coffee businesses as often as we can.”

There are some businesses out there that charge a lot more for the same cup of coffee. Franchise coffee shops with broad names such as Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf are expensive, because everybody from every corner of the world is familiar with the brand. Starbucks, for example, has a unique approach to branding that helps the business emerge to dominate the retail coffee market. They creatively craft and curate a brand that comes across as nature-loving and brand themselves as an elite and yet an approachable coffee brand. Starbucks is good at giving pleasant customer experiences through their services and also their ambiance. This has helped them stay on top of their competitors and allows them to charge higher-than-average prices for their products for the strong brand recognition and ubiquitous presence.

As smart buyers, we need to start practicing calculating the worth of everything that we buy and try to avoid mainstream overpriced coffee businesses as often as we can. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t go to a Starbucks, ever. Instead, make it a treat to enjoy the Starbucks Experience every once in a while instead of your go-to everyday coffee trip.

2. Make Your Own Coffee

save more money when you make your own drip coffee

“Exceptional coffee can only come from exceptional beans, together with the methods you do with it”

With the right coffee beans, brewing your own coffee at home or anywhere can taste just as good or even better than store-bought ones. There are many brewing methods that you can do at home, such as Espresso, Drip, Aeropress, French Press, Moka Pot, Cold Brew, and Drip Bags. Regardless of the method you choose, brewing your own coffee should always be an enjoyable experience! 

Drip Bag is an excellent choice of a do-it-yourself type of brewing. No weighing scale is needed, no machines or specific tools that you need to buy, and most importantly, no complex technical skill is required. Simply hang your drip bag to a cup and pour hot water into the coffee inside the bag a little at a time. It is as easy as that. 

In morningFirst Coffee, we roast high-quality coffee freshly, and pack it into drip bags, making it easy for you to prepare your coffee anywhere and anytime. Our coffee starts at as low as $2 a cup of morningFirst drip bag coffee and definitely won’t budge your wallet. 

3. Support Your Local Coffee Shops and Businesses

Get morningFirst drip bag coffee; best drip bag coffee in Singapore

“Local coffee shops enrich your community by offering a lot more unique menu with cheaper prices.”

Don’t be a penny-pincher to your local coffee shops and businesses in your neighborhood because they might surprise you. You can get coffee with equal or more superior quality at a discounted price. Mainstream coffee shops are solely focused on pushing their brand forward, taking over our towns and cities, but independents are passionate about enriching our communities with cultures creating unique identities from the locals to the locals. When you buy locally, you support the brands that make your community who they are which further enriches the community and adds vibrancy to the neighborhood itself. Local coffee shops and businesses have a lot more unique, very well-made menus, with cheaper prices, and most will have some sort of rewards program, punch card, or perk. 

Like morningFirst Coffee, we provide the morningFirst Coffee Club that customers can subscribe to get 10% off coupons. 

Subscribe now with morningFirst Coffee and enjoy the perks! T&C applies.

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